Thursday, 26 April 2012

Firefox Configuration to play live strems with VLC or RealPlayer

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                    Today i am gonna explain a very new trick for those who want to view live videos on 2g network , in india most of internet users are using on mobile phones and searching videos daily but the main problem is long time buffering, so to avoid buffering and wathing video as a live stream you have to know about the rtsp(Real Time Streaming) protocol, rtsp is use to stream real time videos on INTERNET like surveillance cams, live TV etc., we can use this protocol on mobile when we watch videos on, but in pc we have to configure our browser to setup this protocol for viewing unlimited uninterrupted live streams via youtube or any live TV streams. process as follows-
1.Configuring Firefox for Streaming Media (Real Player/VLC)

You must install RealPlayer/VLC to open urls with the RTSP protocol (rtsp://) .
Streaming media often uses the RTSP protocol (as evidenced by the link itself, rtsp://address). Firefox does not know how to handle this protocol natively. This can result in the error RTSP is not a registered protocol when you try to access streaming media on the web.
There are several ways to correct the error. We recommend adjusting the Firefox configuration settings by adding an entry for the RTSP protocol:
Open Firefox, and type about:config in the URL bar.
Right click in the main window and select New and then Boolean.
Enter network.protocol-handler.expose.rtsp for the preference name and click OK.
Select false and click OK.
Now Click On the video link and browser says to choose a program to open the link, select real player or vlc player.
Firefox should now be able to correctly associate streaming media with RealPlayer/VLC. To test this, please Open and click watch video.

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